Stone Wall Contractor, MA

Stone walls are a classic feature of our New England landscape.  Whether marking a property line, holding a steep grade, or decorating a garden, stone walls make an attractive and useful feature to any property.  There are many different types of stone walls and different methods of construction.   Whatever type you choose – we aim to build stone walls that last forever, and look like they’ve always been.

Stone Wall Installation Services:

Why Concord Stoneworks?

At Concord Stoneworks we have a passion for authentic, high craft, long lasting stone walls.  Our stone walls are built to last with no detail overlooked.  Whether drystacked or mortared, fieldstone or modular block, we can guarantee a stone wall installation you and your grandchildren will love.  Take a look at some of our stone wall installations below.

Thinking about adding a stone wall to your come?  Contact us us for a consultation.