Stone Retaining Walls in MA

Stone retaining walls are a very common and functional landscape feature for your home.  Retaining walls are designed to hold the earth back so that you can create different grades, levels, and shape your landscape as you wish. There are a variety of different methods of stone wall construction including drystack stone retaining walls, mortared stone retaining walls, modular block retaining walls, block + veneer retaining walls, and more.

Retaining Wall Construction:

No matter what method of retaining wall construction, the basis is the same.  A stone retaining wall utilizes mass and proper drainage to hold the earth back, and let water through.  A good retaining wall has a solid foundation that goes below grade, adequate mass, well drained backing, and through stones that tie into the earth behind it.  Certain considerations have to made depending on the height of the wall and existing soils to ensure that your retaining wall will look great and last a lifetime.

Stone Retaining Walls - Construction - MA

Stone Retaining Wall Construction – MA


Why Concord Stoneworks?

Concord Stoneworks has been building stone retaining walls in Massachusetts for over 10 years.  We enjoy the unique challenge each new wall presents, while creating something both functional and attractive that will serve it’s purpose for years to come.

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