Stone Boundary Walls in MA

Free standing stone boundary walls are a quintessential feature of our New England landscape.  One might also refer to these walls as perimeter walls, freestanding walls, double sided walls, or stone fences.  However you call it, this type of stone wall stands freely, (as opposed to a stone retaining wall), with both sides visible.   

Stone boundary walls have a long history and are one of the defining characteristics of New England.  Free standing stone walls were mainly a result of farming.  As stones were pulled from the field they were moved to the edges of the property.  This served the dual purpose of disposing of the stones, but also marking property lines, and penning animals.  These stone boundary walls eventually stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles throughout New England and are still seen lining the landscape today.

Today stone boundary walls are used in a similar manner.  They mark a property line, provide a visual and physical barrier, while adding a traditional appeal to your property.   They also provide the more modern service of reducing road noise.

There’s nothing more New England than a dry stacked fieldstone wall stretching your property line.  At Concord Stoneworks we specialize in this very thing.  Take a look at some of our stone boundary walls below.