Outdoor Fireplace in Groton, MA

At this home in Groton, MA, the yard is fairly sloped and the owners want to improve the grades while creating a formal patio space/fireplace. To do this, first we extend an existing fieldstone wall at the bottom of the slope so more fill can be brought in to raise the grade above. Then we […]

Yard Renovation in Melrose, MA

This home in Melrose, MA was built into a steep rocky hillside and was in need of a total renovation to create a useable yard. With very stoney ground we make use of existing ledge and stones to create a leveled patio area off the deck, a shed pad, and stepping stone stairs and walkways. […]

Outdoor Kitchen in Weston, MA

As part of a larger back yard renovation in Weston, MA, we build an outdoor kitchen with grill, shelves, and smoker. The counter is thermal bluestone, and the sides stone veneer. At this site we also adjusts grades and install patios, walkways, and a granite firepit.

Fieldstone Wall w/ Granite Posts

At this historic house in Weston, MA we add a classic New England drystack wall to the front of the property. Hefty granite posts are used to bookend the wall at the walkway and display the house number. And being on a busy road, this wall will greatly reduce noise while also creating a barrier […]

Raised Bluestone Patio w/ Granite Curbing

At this home in Concord, MA we improve what was a heavily sloped and unusable area directly off the back of the house. We bury all down spouts, then retain and hold the grades with granite curbing, and then install a thermal bluestone patio and walkways. The result is a sharp looking and usable space […]

Drystack Fieldstone Retaining Wall in Carlisle, MA

At this home in Carlisle we build a new retaining wall along the driveway using local fieldstone.  In the process we build a set of granite stairs through the wall with a walkway leading to the front entry.  The wall is drystacked with stone salvaged from a nearby property in town.  The stairs are granite […]

Wood Fired Outdoor Kitchen

At this Organic Farm  we build a wood fired outdoor kitchen .  It consists of natural stone veneer, bluestone counters, an open style grill, and a pizza oven.  It is designed with space below the counters for wood storage. Take a look at our BLOG to see the process.

Stone Fireplace Installation – Concord, MA

At this home in Concord, MA we design and build a custom outdoor fireplace.  The firebox design is a Rumford Fireplace which is taller and shallower, and is meant to reflect more heat outwards.  The fireplace is veneered with a gray stacked stone style veneer, and capped with granite. Take a look at our BLOG […]