Inset Stairway Bolton, MA

At this home in Bolton, MA a portion of existing retaining wall collapsed.  We are hired to rebuild the wall but with the addition of an inset stairway.  This method of stair construction is attractive, unique, and makes great use of space as opposed to the more common method of cutting perpendicularly through the wall.

Sunken Bluestone Patio – Sherborn, MA

At this home in Sherborn we replace and expand and a sunken patio area.  The original area was too small, so we dig further back into the upper yard, build a small retaining wall, and lay a new patio.  The wall is PA wallstone with bluestone caps.  The patio is thermal bluestone.

Landscape Renovation in Concord, MA

At this home in Concord we renovate the entire outdoor space with a new front walkway, side walkway and patio, rear patio and sitting wall. The walkways are made from natural cleft bluestone, the back patio thermal granite, and the wall is NE fieldstone.  Granite curbing is also used for edging and steps.

Fireplace Rehab in Concord, MA

At this home in Concord, MA we update an existing fireplace and prepared it for a gas conversion.  We use a stone veneer for the facing, add a raised bluestone hearth, and wooden beam mantle. 

Fieldstone Retaining Wall + Stairs Stow, MA

At this home in Stow, MA we rebuild an existing retaining wall with the addition of a stairway and walkway to the front entrance.  The wall is drystacked fieldstone, salvaged from the existing wall.  The stairs are made of live edge bluestone slab.

Granite Patio + Pergola Lincoln, MA

At this home in Lincoln, MA we help build a new outdoor space connecting to the rear entrance of the house.   Two PA fieldstone wing walls retain the grade on either side of the basement entrance and a thermaled granite walkway with cobblestone edging leads out to the main patio.  The patio overlooks the yard […]

New England Fieldstone Wall in Carlisle, MA

At this home in Carlisle, MA we build a classic New England drystack stone wall along the front of the property. This wall will greatly reduce road noise while providing a solid but attractive barrier for children and pets. As part of the project we also install an antique granite mailbox post.

Retaining Walls + Bluestone Patio in Weston, MA

At this home in Weston, MA we are hired to expand and rebuild a back patio area. The patio is surrounded by a steep hill so we must first excavate the hillside to open up the space, and then install mortared fieldstone walls to retain. The patio surface is made from full color thermal bluestone, […]

Pool Patio in Burlington, MA

At this home in Burlington, MA we are hired to install the hardscape around newly installed pool. Curved bullnose is used for the pool coping as well as large fieldstone flats in the deep end. The pool deck and walkways are full color thermal bluestone.