Patio Renovation in Acton, MA

At this home in Acton, MA we remove a small deck and expand the back patio area.  By digging into the hillside we create a single level/more spacious patio, as well as perimeter sitting wall.  A cobblestone lined walkway leads from the driveway. Boulders from the excavation are incorporated into the design.  Natural cleft bluestone […]

Fieldstone Front Entry in Lexington, MA

At this home in Lexington, MA we rebuild a front fieldstone wall, stairs, and walkway.  New England fieldstone set in mortar is used for the walls, granite slab steps, and natural cleft bluestone walkway.

Curved Walkways in Carlisle, MA

At this home in Carlisle, MA we build a series of curved walkways leading to a front entry stairway, and a side entry with small patio and sitting wall.  The walkways are thermal bluestone, and the wall is mortared fieldstone capped with bluestone.

Drystack Driveway Walls in Wayland, MA

At this home in Wayland we are hired to rebuild a series of walls that were retaining a sunken driveway.   The existing walls were beginning to deteriorate, and the homeowner wanted to pave the driveway as well.  We took this opportunity to fully rebuild the walls, stairs, and address drainage issues before the new asphalt […]

Natural Stone Pool Patio – Tynsborough, MA

At this home in Tynsborough we install an extensive and multi tiered pool patio, raised patio, stairs, and firepit area.  All of the patios are made from bluestone flagging, and the walls and stairs of local fieldstone.

Boulder Retaining Wall Townsend, MA

At this home in Townsend, MA an existing retaining wall was deteriorating and risking collapse.  At over 8′ tall, it was necessary to dismantle and rebuild the entire wall to ensure the integrity.  The stones used for this wall were all large scale stones that were necessary to move and place with machinery.

Fieldstone Boundary Walls in New Hampshire

At his home in Rindge, NH we build a drystack fieldstone boundary wall for the front of the property.  Previously an overgrown drainage ditch, the new wall creates a visual and physical boundary from the road.  Much of the stone used for this wall was salvaged from the site.

Fieldstone Retaining Walls in Arlington, MA

At this home in Arlington, MA we rebuild an outdated retaining wall, entry stairs, and walkway.  In the process we widen the driveway and raise the walls to create more parking space and a level yard above.  The walls are built with mortared New England fieldstone.  The stairs are built with fieldstone and bluestone treads.  

Natural Stonescape in Carlisle, MA

At this home in Carlisle, MA we install a unique, natural stone outdoor living space.  Weathered fieldstone stepping stones lead from the driveway down to a flagstone patio.  Reclaimed granite stairs step down to sunken peastone sitting area surrounding by fieldstone benches.  All fieldstone was salvaged from a nearby property in Carlisle, reclaimed granite curbing […]