Patio Renovation in Acton, MA

At this home in Acton, MA we remove a small deck and expand the back patio area.  By digging into the hillside we create a single level/more spacious patio, as well as perimeter sitting wall.  A cobblestone lined walkway leads from the driveway. Boulders from the excavation are incorporated into the design.  Natural cleft bluestone is used for the patio and fieldstone for the walls.

Fieldstone Front Entry in Lexington, MA

At this home in Lexington, MA we rebuild a front fieldstone wall, stairs, and walkway.  New England fieldstone set in mortar is used for the walls, granite slab steps, and natural cleft bluestone walkway.

Curved Walkways in Carlisle, MA

At this home in Carlisle, MA we build a series of curved walkways leading to a front entry stairway, and a side entry with small patio and sitting wall.  The walkways are thermal bluestone, and the wall is mortared fieldstone capped with bluestone.