Concord, MA

Concord Stoneworks provides landscape construction services in Concord, MA and surrounding towns.  Concord, MA has a rich history of stonework and provides a quintessential view of our New England landscapes.  It is our pleasure to contribute to this long lasting tradition and provide the landscape construction and masonry services that continue to enrich our town.  Whether building a simple boundary wall, or a full landscape renovation, we strive to incorporate the traditional methods and classic styles that make Concord, MA what it is.

Our stone masonry services in Concord, MA include:

Landscape Design

Stone Patios

Stone Walls

Stone Steps

Stone Walkways

Stone Fireplaces


Excavation + Site Work

Custom Stonework

Why Concord Stoneworks?

Concord Stoneworks has been serving customers in Concord, MA for over 10 years.  With a keen attention to detail, high quality materials, and excellent customer service, we look forward to many more years to come.

Some of our masonry projects in Concord, MA include:

Stone Fireplace + Pizza Oven – Concord, MA

Fieldstone Retaining Wall – Concord, MA

Stone Retaining Wall – Concord, MA

Bluestone Patio + Walkway – Concord, MA

Drystack Stone Wall – Concord, MA

Weathered Stone Wall – Concord, MA

Bluestone Landing and Granite Step – Concord, MA

Bluestone Patio – Concord, MA

Stone Boundary Wall in Concord, MA