At this home in Concord, MA the existing back yard has too much slope to enjoy seating, and there is no good access to the house. After determining grades and discussing options with the homeowners we settle on a plan for a raised bluestone patio, edged with granite to hold the grades, and bluestone stepping stone walkway to meet the door.

Thermal Bluestone Patio Preparation

To prep for the bluestone patio installation we excavate the area and use the excavated dirt to raise the grade below the patio in order to further reduce the difference in grades. We also use this opportunity to tie in all downspouts to an underground drainage system which will transport all roof runoff to the far end of the yard.

Next the granite curbing is installed to hold the grades around the edge of the patio. At the top of the patio by the house a row of cobblestone is raised in relation to the patio in order to hold the existing planting bed by the house. The rest of the patio is edged with granite curbing which comes in longer lengths than cobblestone but has the same width and texture for a good match.

The granite curbing is set flush with the surface of the patio, and there will be an 8″ step off down to the yard, and down to the walkway.

Completed Thermal Bluestone Patio and Granite Edge

One the granite is in we finish filling the patio base, and then lay the bluestone. This is thermal bluestone in a random pattern with polymer sand joints. The result is a sharp, classic looking patio that creates much more useable space and access to the house. Great for entertaining and giving the residents somewhere to sit while watching children in the yard.