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It all starts with a good design. By taking into account the natural conditions and local styles, we aim for a landscape design that looks great and makes the most sense.  Our theory is that ‘less is more’,  a good design incorporates its surroundings, and creates a landscape that is classy and functional, and looks like it has always been.

Initial Design Consultation

Here we first meet to discuss your project.  We will listen to your ideas and goals and discuss the best approach for the job.  You will get the chance to discuss designs, material options, building methods, timelines, and rough cost comparisons.  As a design + build firm we understand very well how different options will effect the bottom line, and will give our best suggestions for meeting your requirements in the most effective way.

After narrowing the scope sufficiently we will take measurements, photos, and sketches in preparation for our proposal/plan.

Conceptual Drawings + Proposal

It is here that we start putting everything down on paper.  With our measurements and knowledge of the site we will draft a plan, sketch, or model that lets you see how your project will come together.  This drawing will be fairly accurate and to scale, but, it’s main purpose is to help you visualize the project so more informed decisions can be made.

Along with the conceptual drawings we will include an initial proposal.  The proposal will consist of a thorough write-up of the project’s costs/options, process, and timeline.  You will be able to see what costs are applied where, and we will also provide square footage costs so that you can easily adjust prices/scope for your own considerations.

Landscape Design Concord, MA

Landscape Design Concord, MA

Design Documents + Contract

After you’ve seen our proposal and decided to move forward working with us, we will further develop the design and scope so that we can enter into a contract.  Each project is unique and takes differing amounts of discussion, design, and decision making.  One round of design revision is often enough to move forward, but, for more complicated projects we will take the time needed to further develop the scope/design, weigh options, and ensure everyone’s expectations are clear.  Once all decisions have been made we can draft a contract and schedule the project.

Design/Build Process

A proper landscape installation is for life, so we want to make sure it comes out exactly the way you want it.  Even with a solid plan, often it necessary to consult throughout the building process to refine decisions as the project takes shape.  We understand that these are important decisions and are patient in taking the time to pause and discuss when needed.

Landscape Design - Section

Landscape Design – Section

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