Bluestone Patio + Granite Step – Concord, MA

The owners of this home in Concord, MA had recently renovated their house and garage and needed to re-work the entrance.  It’s a fairly small job but had a couple of unique challenges that made way for some nice design features.

After deciding on bluestone pavers for the landing, and granite for the step, there is a small issue in that the stock granite step does not provide enough height for two equal rises up onto the porch.  The granite steps come in 7″ rises, however, there is a 16″ total rise from the ground to the porch.  To solve this problem we decide to lift the granite step an extra inch on bricks that we had pulled up from the existing landing.  This solves the problem and also adds a very nice design feature.

The bluestone pavers also come in stock sizes (6″ increments) that happen to fall a few inches short of the driveway.  Again we are able to use the available bricks and trim the edge thus filling the gap while matching the brick riser under the step.

The result is a very unique and charming landing/step.





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