Before – Timber Wall

The homeowners found this retaining wall and stairs by the driveway entrance unsightly. They desired a more attractive solution that could be installed without removing the existing trees.



Landscape timber walls don’t have much mass, but they get their strength by tying into the hillside. This makes removing them difficult, but, with some effort we were able to clear the way for the new retaining wall.


Block Retaining Wall in Progress

The homeowners decided on a retaining wall block system. These blocks are engineered to be dry laid (without mortar). This particular system comes in a variety of sizes that can be puzzled together to achieve a pattern style.

The wall was moved out 1ft farther than the previous to allow for the wider blocks and back fill.

Finished photos below


Finished Retaining Wall + Steps


Finished Retaining Wall + Steps


Finished Retaining Wall + Steps


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