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Landscape Construction Contractor Specializing in Stonework, Hardscape, Drystone Masonry, and Landscape Design

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Traditional Masonry

Using local material and traditional drystone masonry methods, we aim to integrate our stonework with the natural and historic surroundings.

Design + Build

Landscape design experience along with knowledge of the building process gives us the ability to develop a design that will fit your aesthetic and budget needs.

Friendly + Flexible

With open and friendly communication we will ensure that you understand our process and the product you are receiving every step of the way.



Take a look at some of the landscape construction projects we've completed in your area.

Articles. Guides. Jobs in Progress

Watch landscape design projects take shape. Learn about Stone Masonry. See interesting articles and photos.

How to build a New England Stone Wall

How to Build A New England Stone Wall Traditional New England Stone walls are a classic feature of our landscape. They represent a long history of agriculture in this country, and are still built today for a variety of practical and decorative reasons. Building a New England stone wall may be hard work, but it […]

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New England Stone Walls: A History

The History of New England Stone Walls One of the quintessential features of our New England landscape is the rambling stone wall.  Gray and lichen covered, these stone walls meander through the woods and line our roadways and fields.  They are so common place you may dismiss them as a natural feature,  but in reality […]

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Thermal Bluestone Patio w/ Granite Curbing

At this home in Concord, MA the existing back yard has too much slope to enjoy seating, and there is no good access to the house. After determining grades and discussing options with the homeowners we settle on a plan for a raised bluestone patio, edged with granite to hold the grades, and bluestone stepping […]

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