Fieldstone Wall – Waltham, MA

This fieldstone wall was originally dry laid up against an existing concrete wall and collapsed due to gravity and hydrostatic pressure. As a decorative wall we would not have suggested this method, however, tasked with the repair we were able to rebuild the damaged portion in a much more structural and sturdy manner while preserving […]

Paver Patio – Lexington, MA

A prior basement renovation at this home in Lexington, MA was letting in water.  After installing a dry-well we hardscaped the area with pavers in order to shed water away from the house while extending the outdoor living space. These concrete pavers are laid in a herrinbone pattern.  An existing granite landing step was raised […]

Westford, MA

At this home in Westford a car had careened off the road and struck two of their stone walls.  Fortunately the passengers were ok, but, the stone walls were damaged.  Being dry laid walls, we were able to dismantle the damaged portions and rebuild using the same stones and in the same style.  For what […]

Lexington, MA

An existing blustone patio had been driven over and crushed during home remodeling.  After salvaging intact stones, the area was re-leveled using the existing base, and new stones set in.  These are dry-laid thermal bluestones.  Thermal bluestone comes in a more uniform color and thickness than natural cleft bluestone.

Garden Wall/Flagstone Patio – Brookline, MA

An irregular bluestone patio and stepping stones, stone garden walls. This client sought to make better use of their backyard that wasn’t growing much grass.  After grading the yard closer to level, a bluestone grilling area was added using irregular bluestone, and extra stones from the yard were used to build a low wall to […]

Bluestone Backyard – Brookline, MA

For this project the homeowners wanted to replace the timber garden beds and rear steps with stone and expand the existing bluestone patio. After expanding the patio and re-designing the edge, cobble stones were used to line the garden beds. Bluestone was used to build the steps, landing, and walls by the rear entrance.

Paver Patio – Waltham, MA

A DIY paver patio project was not properly built and had come out of level. After taking up the pavers the existing base was properly compacted and the pavers re-set. Plastic edging and steel stakes hold the edge and get’s hidden by soil + grass.